The Prison Art Chronicles

So back in the spring of 2010 I was watching some documentary on PBS about "prison art", showcasing some pretty impressive arts-and-crafts projects made by inmates using whatever they could scrounge up. And I thought to myself that I could do that, since I'm notoriously stingy and have a lot of free time on my hands.

And thus was born the "Prison Art Chronicles", my occasional series of model and diorama projects, all scratch- built from trash and junk from around my house and workplace. The goal is to create something unique without spending more than a couple of bucks on each.

Do not expect anything "professional" here, by the way, I will be the first to admit that I have zero natural artistic talent.

Below are the pages for each project...

1/250th scale Tambrian Seaplane Carrier
Completed in May 2016

Kitbashed F-103 jet fighter
Completed in April 2016

1/700th scale Marbanian Light Carrier
Completed in June 2015

1/343rd scale German cruiser SMS Amazone
Completed in December 2014

1/35th scale Orc Tank
Completed in October 2014

1/58th scale Victorian Steampunk Tank HMST Ark Royal (1889)
Completed in July 2014

1/700th scale American pre-dreadnought Oregon (1896)
Completed in July 2014

1/700th scale American Patrol Boat Eagle Boat 1 (1918)
Completed in June 2014

1/300th scale Japanese Predreadnough Mikasa (1902)
Completed in December 2013

1/6th scale Copper Age Minotaur Monster (3,200 BC)
Completed in June 2013

1/6th scale Iron Age Barbarian Monster (470 BC)
Completed in June 2013

1/35th scale Victorian Steampunk Martian Canal Patrol Boat HMS Eagle (1890)
Completed in March 2013

Cthulhu clay figurine
Completed in March 2013

1/324th scale Soviet anti-submarine frigate Bodryy (1971)
Completed in December 2012

1/475th scale French armored cruiser Jeanne D'Arc (1899)
Completed in September 2012

1/35th scale Victorian Steampunk Walker HMSW Centaur (1889)
Completed in May 2012

1/75th scale Giant Robot diorama (2200 AD)
Completed in April 2012

1/700th scale Russian destroyer Kaptain Belli (1915)
Completed in August 2011

1/180th scale Russian armed trawler Tuman (1941)
Completed in July 2011

1/350th scale American destroyer Wickes (1919)
Completed in July 2011

1/94th scale Russian armored cruiser Rossiya (1896)
Completed in December 2010

1/75th scale Polish minesweeper Mewa (1935)
Completed in November 2010

1/75th scale German minesweeper M27 (1916)
Completed in October 2010

1/87th scale French torpedo boat Dragonne (1888)
Completed in September 2010

1/87th scale Japanese torpedo boat Fumizuki (1902)
Completed in August 2010

1/96th scale Spanish armored cruiser Infanta Maria Teresa (1893)
Completed in July 2010

1/110th scale Russian gunboat Gilyak (1906)
Completed in June 2010

1/125th scale British pre-dreadnought Canopus (1896)
Completed in May 2010

The End.