Meet the MMT Staff!

Why not? If you're already here we all know you've got nothing better to do anyway.

Hi! I'm Pam Burda!

Sultry CEO
& Grand Poo-Bah

Hi! I'm Bradley Lyndon!

Snarky Head Writer
& Social Media Flunky

Sod off! I'm Wilhelmina Schlockenhausen!

Surly Receptionist
Million Monkey Towers

Hi! I'm Sparky J. Malarkey!

Overweight Intern
& Catnip Entrepreneur

Hi! I'm Mr. Blackburn!

Feckless Junior Intern
& Coffee Boy

Hi! I'm Tizwin!

Sneaky Investigative Intern
& All-Purpose Pain in the Arse

Bonjour! Je m'appelle La Tinque!

Sensation de Danse Internationale
et Detective Consultant Amateur

MMT Founder Nathan Decker

No longer on the payroll
but might occasionally still be
skulking around here someplace.

Go ahead, steal anything you want from this page,
that's between you and the vengeful wrath of your personal god...